Stump Farm Puppies Too
We are dedicated not just to the quality of our dogs but the quality of their life.  The dogs on Stump Farm always have fresh air,sunshine,plenty of space to run with playtime, and a healthy environment.  They are loved and well cared for.  We Guarantee the health on all animals.  Questions and Comments are always welcome.

Stump Farms are located in Downing and Lancaster Missouri.  I raise cockapoos and austrailian shepherds here at Downing.  My mother raises the smaller breeds and German Shepherds in Lancaster. We are only about 10 minutes apart.  Our county is located about 4 miles from the Iowa line.  We are in the north east corner of Missouri.

My house in Downing, MO
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Nelly's first litter
Nelly babysitting
This picture is not edited! This is a little bull calf born on our farm in the spring of 2008.
Ruby, Female Cavalier
Jerry and Rowdy
Ollie, Female Cocker

Daisy, Female Cocker Spaniel

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Dixie, Female Cavalier
'Mindy' and 'Ready Set Red' are such a beautiful couple!  They have a beautiful personality as well! .